Data Recovery User Guide

This software is specially designed for common users, you can recover your missing files without any knowledge related to file system. The software can recover the files missed by deletion, disk formatting, re-partition and software error, and also scan local disk, mobile HD, mobile phone, SD card and various storage devices, supporting NTFS, FAT32/16, ExFat, HFS/HFS+ file systems, and can recover various kinds of missing files.

If you buy our products in the Apple store, you need to download Disk Assistant to restore the local disk data.

Dowload Disk-Assistant

●Run Data Recovery.

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●Select the disk image file.

1.Click "load" button, load the disk image file;.
2.Select the device of missing files.
3.Click the "Next" button.
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●Select the cause of file loss.

1.Please select the cause of file loss, and select "I don't know" if you get no idea.
2.Click the "Next" button.
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3.Click "Mode", switch to standard mode and select the scanning mode.
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3.Wait for the end of scanning.
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●Recover your missing file.

Select the file you need to recover, and click "Recover" button. baby cognition